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  • Family Therapy

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    My experiences, both personally and professionally, have led me to believe that having the whole family involved in treatment can create the most positive change. I can help you and your family establish mutually agreed upon goals for treatment and steps to reach them. Through family therapy, clients learn to interact in more authentic and productive ways and often experience a deeper sense of connection and belonging. -Allison

    Family therapy can help:

    -during major life transitions

    -when a child or teen is acting out or having behavioral issues

    -when conflicts are occurring between family members

    -during times of grief or loss

    -during a divorce or remarriage

    -when a child is struggling in school

    -if any member of the family is experiencing depression or anxiety

    -if someone in the family is recovering from an eating disorder, substance use disorder, or mental illness

    In therapy, we see the family as a whole, as a system, where each member plays an important role. One person’s symptoms can be a sign that the whole system needs to work together to heal and find solutions. A trained family therapist can guide you in this process.


    A special message for step/blended families:

    Merging families after remarriage can be an exciting new chapter, but comes with some major adjustments for everyone involved. Family rules and dynamics are changing and family members may be trying to find their way in a new, unfamiliar reality. We have helped many clients find ways to relate to each other and connect through this transition.

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