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  • Disabilities

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    Over 29% of families in America are impacted by disability. The definition of a disability is anything that impacts your quality of life. There are visible and invisible disabilities. At O’Brien Couples Therapy we have an accessible single story office space with large doorways and bathrooms. We are happy to accommodate various lighting needs and all of our offices have extra insulation to keep noise levels down. We run multiple sound machines in the hallways for privacy and to balance and eliminate hi/low pitched sounds that may be disruptive to your therapeutic experience. Any other accommodations you may need we would be happy to discuss. 
    Charlie Luther is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with extensive training and certifications in working with an individual with a disability. Charlie was actually born with one arm therefore having a personal experience with a physical disability but also has family members with invisible disabilities and can relate to various challenges you might have faced or are facing. 
    Charlie’s specialty area is physical disabilities such as an individual with limb difference or an amputee. Charlie also works with individuals with traumatic brain injuries and/or their families.
    Finding the right support or resources can be tough and we hope that we can be the right fit for you. We want to help you get everything you are hoping for out of life and would be honored to partner with you on your journey.

    Charlie Luther, APC, CRC, NCC

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