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  • "Therapy for couples and new parents to feel supported, connected, and whole"

    “What a marvelous feeling it would be, if we could say exactly how we felt. What a monumental victory. What a terrifying thought.”

    -Akif Kichloo

    Welcome to our site. We’re excited to speak with you! We offer therapy for people who want to improve their relationships, make peace with their emotions, and live authentically. We know our clients are inherently good and capable of healing, possessing all of the strength needed for a fulfilling life. We’re here to share our insights and knowledge from years of education and experience and to walk with you on a new path towards your goals.

    Meet our Team

    Charlie Luther, APC, CRC, NCC

    Charlie Luther, APC, CRC, NCC

    I love helping couples overcome recurring concerns in their relationships and assisting men with transforming into the individuals, professionals, husbands, and fathers they’ve always envisioned being.